"Warning: DON'T Even Think About Creating a New Income Stream, Starting a New Business Venture or Making Any Kind of New Investments...

...Until You Build an Abundance Consciousness & a Wealthy Mindset From Inside Out!"

New Time Warp Subliminal Technology Makes Your Inside Right So That You Will Objectify Wealth and Abundance On The Outside Automatcially

From The Desk Of Song Chengxiang

Date: July 18, 2024

Dear Success Seeker...

Since you have made your way to this page, you must be someone who is seeking success and abundance in your life.

You might have gone through all the books and courses on creating wealth, building a business and making real estate or stock investments.  You made some progress, but you just cannot make that quantum leap, that breakthrough.

If that sounds like you, you are in the right place, I can certainly relate what you feel.  because

Nothing feels worse than doing all the hard work and not having the success that you want.  You're stuck, you don't know what to do, and you don't know how your future will look like.

Many years ago, I was just like you.  I did all the courses I can get my hands on, and had done everything that I was told to do, but I had only minimum success.  But that's not what I want, I knew I deserve more. I wanted bigger success and I wanted to have more abundance and prosperity in my life.

But one day, I suddenly had the insight...

It is not about the strategies and techniques that makes your income grow, that makes your business success, that make your investment profitable,  it is all about what's going on in your subconscious mind.


It is Your Subconscious Beliefs That
Determine Your Success or Failure

After I had that realization,  I did not stop going to the seminars and buying the books that teaches wealth creation and investment strategies, because I knew what prevented them from working is inside me. It is the beliefs or the mindset that I had to change.

So I began working on building the right mindset that allows more abundance, more money and more success to flow to me.  But I did the hard way,  I read all the books that are related to prosperity consciousness, about subconscious mind and about psychology, including many of the early literature that was written more than 100 years ago.

I was thinking to myself "there must be an easier way that can help people change their beliefs and mindset and do it a lot faster."

I started doing some research. and through some totally unexpected series of events, I attracted this person into my life:


Morry Zelcovitch- One of the Few In the World Who Can
Claim to Be  Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer

Brainwave entrainment is a technology that uses sounds of certain frequencies to stimulate the brain into intended states.

Basically speaking, it can help you ...

Rewire Your Brain,Change Your Beliefs, and Open Your Mind to New Possibilities.

There is endless possibilities with brainwave entrainment.

And Morry is the best of the best.  He has been in this filed for more than 20 years, and he studied under world's foremost expert in the field of brainwave entrainment, David Siever C.E.T.

He has developed his own unique proprietary technology/methodology - "The Morry Method", which has been proven the effectiveness in increasing concentrated attention, resistance to fatigue and productivity etc by Brazilian government funded university project.

We have become a business partner and over the years we released many life changing products (Quantum Mind Power,  Quantum Confidence,  Effortless Prosperity ) to help people change their life through brainwave entrainment.

We continue to research and develop new technology that can help people change their life faster and more easily.

Our latest development is a new subliminal technology.

If you don't know what subliminal is, it is a recording with positive affirmations and suggestions recorded in a way that is inaudible to the conscious mind.

This is purposefully designed to ...

Get Passed the Judgement of Conscious Mind

so that the suggestions and affirmations can be more easily accepted by your subconscious mind and become a reality for you.

With our unique subliminal technology, you get over 2 million presentations of affirmations with every hour of listening.  No one else has ever done this before.  This is achieved only through... 

Morry Zelcovitch's Exclusive Time-Warp Subliminal Technique

This technique allows us to compress the messages to small fragments of time while at the same time allowing them to be available to your subconscious mind.

Now you might be thinking that there is no way for you to get this much information in only one hour...

Well read on...

Consider 3 things...

How many neurons (brain cells) do we have?

A human being has about 100 billion brain cells.

How fast can a neuron fire?

Although different neurons fire at different speeds, as a rough estimate it is reasonable to estimate that a neuron can fire about once every 5 milliseconds, or about 200 times a second.

How many cells does it connect to?

The number of cells each neuron is connected to also varies, but as a rough estimate it is reasonable to say that each neuron connects to 1000 other neurons.

So, taking all of this into account we can see that...

Every time a neuron fires, about 1000 other neurons get information about that firing.

So, if we do the math we see that... We get 100 billion neurons X 200 firings per second X 1000 connections per firing = 20 million billion calculations per second.

As you can now see, your brain can actually process much more than we are presenting it with. 🙂
So the more affirmations you present to your brain in a particular listening session, the more effective it is.  With our technology,

You Get the Most Use of  Your Listening Time

Unlike other subliminal technology, you don't really know how many presentations of affiramtion you are getting, and you don't really know whether you are just wasting your time by listening to those subliminals.

You will be confident that while you are listening to our subliminal, you are being presented 2 million per hour positive suggestions and affirmations.

Now, here is the first subliminal recording that employ the Time Warp Technique...

Introducing: Infinite Abundance Subliminal Program

The source of abundance is divine, infinite and unlimited.

The universe is truly abundant, there is never-ending supply of abundance. All we need is to tap into this eternal abundance to let it flow through us in the form of money, health and relationship.

This subliminal program is specifically designed to help you build an abundance mindset that attract more money and success into your life AUTOMATICALLY.


Build a Prosperity Consciousness and You Will
Become a Money Magnet...

Remember that I said earlier it is your inside determines your outside.  The outer world is only a reflection of your inner consciousness.

While you build an abundant consciousness with this program, you will...

  • Attract money-making opportunities into your life automatically
  • Have a totally new perspective about money that will guarantee to make you rich
  • Naturally generate wealth creation ideas that turn into money making opportunities to create multiple streams of income for you year in year out.
  • Riches an abundance will flow to you effortlessly

Imagine what it feels like if you...

  • Pay off your bills and debts (if any), have enough money left over at the end of the month to go shopping and to treat yourself, or do whatever you feel like to do
  • Generate highly successful multiple streams of income that allow you to spend more quality time with your family and friends
  • Earn a beautiful new home, have fun with your life, get started with your favorite hobby that you never had time for before
  • Attain financial abundance that enables you to contribute to your community,give generously to charities and help the underprivileged
  • Retire to your favorite place in the world, and with no money concerns

So how much does it cost?

If you think about the benefits and the value that you can get from listening to 2 million positive affirmations for each 1 hr of listening to the recording,  this unique powerful subliminal recording will worth thousands of dollars.

But you don't have to pay $1,000, you’re not even going to pay a quarter of that to get the incredible recording.

In fact, If you order today, you’ll invest just one payment of only $97.

You only need to pay a one-time payment of $97 today.  No hidden charge, not future billing whatsoever.  You get instant access to this incredible "Infinite Abundance Subliminal Program" for only $97.



**100%, No Questions Asked, Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee**

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Download The Product right now, and see it for yourself within the next 60 DAYS.

If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


One-Time Payment of $97 ONLY

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When you order today, I will throw in these incredible bonuses.

Bonus #1: Infinite Abundance Subliminal Script

You get the exact affirmations used in the recording so that you know what your mind are being presented. For many of the companies that produce subliminal recordings, they never released their subliminal script so you don't know what messages are on the recordings.

We think it is fair to let you know exactly what affirmations you are being presented so that you can be confident that you are programming your mind with positive information.

Usually $47


Bonus #2: Be Positive Subliminal

You get another subliminal recording by Morry Zelcovitch using the same time warp technique which presents your mind with 2 million positive affirmations every hour.

This particular recording is all about positivity.  We think positivity plays an important role in accumulating wealth.  You must have the gut to think positively and be strong even when situation is not in our favor.

This recording will help you stay positive no matter what obstacles you meet on your way to wealth and abundance.

And you get the script for this recording as well with the exact affirmations we use.

Usually $97


Bonus #3: Subliminal Special Report

There are a lot of misconceptions about subliminal, especially on the internet. It is very hard to tell what is right and what is wrong.

Should you listen to subliminals with or without headphone?

Do audio subliminals really work?

Do they have effects on animals? (you should know this if you have a pet at home)

You will find the answers in this short special report.

Usually $47


  • The Infinite Abundance Subliminal Recording.  (a $97 Value)
  • The Infinite Abundance Subliminal Script (a $47 Value)
  • Be Positive Subliminal Recording (a $97 Value)
  • Be Positive Subliminal Script (a $47 Value)
  • Subliminal Special Report (a $17 Value)

Total Retail Value: $305

One-Time Payment of $97 ONLY

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